Two Challenges of a Kids Birthday Party in a Public Park

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There are always two significant challenges when you host an outdoor kids party in a park. The first challenge is to contain all the kids in one area. The second challenge is to make sure that everyone stays warm. Having a bounce house will address both problems.

Outdoor kids party in a park

Colorado is full of parks and outdoor spaces that are perfect for a kids birthday party. Being outdoors also allows kids more room to play and run around. But, you need to account for a few extra challenges when you have an outdoor birthday party in a park.Rent bounce house

Keeping kids contained

You have to set boundaries for the kids, making sure that everyone stays within earshot. Enlisting the help of other parents can help you keep the kids contained. Having a bounce house will keep the kids close, because who wants to run away from a bounce house? Bounce houses are kid-magnets, so the parents can relax a bit knowing that the bounce house is preventing the kids from running too far away.

Themed bounce houses

You can make the bounce house even more attractive by renting one with your kid’s favorite theme or characters. We’ve got all the hottest bounce house trends, including add-ons to increase the fun. Add on an obstacle, slide, or basketball hoop to give kids more activities besides bouncing. Plus, you’ll have a contained area so that you can easily keep track of all the kids.

Bounce house for birthday

Keep the kids contained with a bounce house.

Keeping kids warm

You can never be quite sure of the weather in Colorado. You always want to carry a few layers, maybe even a jacket depending on the time of year. But, kids do not like to be bundled up and weighed down by too many clothes to keep them warm. A bounce house will keep your kids from getting cold. They can stay warm by bouncing, playing, or sliding.

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