Tips for Throwing a Successful Birthday Party for Your Kids

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Kids love birthdays. Going to someone’s birthday party is often the talk of the playground both before and afterward. The expectations are high, which can put a lot of pressure on parents. Don’t worry. Organization and preparation are instrumental in throwing a successful kids birthday party.

Birthday party tips

Preparing for a kids birthday party


Looking back at birthday parties all we see are smiling faces and everyone having a good time. No one appreciates a birthday party more than your kids, especially in the preschool age. But hosting a house full of preschoolers can also make you anxious. Here’s how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally so that you can avoid some of the stress on the day of the party.

Book a location ahead of time

You may not be able to handle a house full of kids, but the best venues for birthdays are in high demand. Make sure that you book a venue ahead of time. If you plan on having the party outdoors in a park or public area, check to see if it is possible to book an area for your party, or prepare to show up very early to stake out your spot.Rent bounce house


Handing out invitations is fun for your kid, and it’s fun for other kids to get an invitation. However, the parents are the ones that you should be catering to in the invitation. Make sure you give them plenty of instructions so that they can also plan ahead.

  • Indoors or outdoor – Parents want to know if the kids are going to be indoors or outdoors and the type of activities they can expect. Dressing their kids appropriately is important to parents. They’ll need to know if their kid should bring a specific kind of shoes, jacket, or even a bathing suit.
  • Start and end time – You should give a start time, but many parents have made the mistake of being too loose with the end time. For the sake of your sanity, set a specific time when you expect parents to pick up their kids.
  • Drop-off or stay – Depending on the age of the kids and how much help you have from other family members, you can let parents know that you need them to stay and help monitor the kids. If you have an outdoor party, you may want a few more parents on hand to help out. If you have it covered, let the parents know so they can plan some fun “adult” activities while the kid is at the party.


To make it easier on you and more fun for the kids, plan activities to keep them entertained. Keep the games and activities simple, fun, and contained. We’re partial to bounce houses because they are simple, fun, and safe for all ages. Plus, you’ll know exactly where the kids are if they’re contained in a bounce house.

Rent a bounce house for your next birthday party and be the talk of the playground!

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