Summertime Accessories and Essentials for an Outdoor Kids Party

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Every kid loves a colorful bounce house on their birthday. Bouncing makes everything more fun. Add a water slide and an inflatable obstacle course, and you can sit back and watch the fun until the parents come and pick up their kids. However, with any summertime activity, you have to think about a few summertime essentials. Here’s how you can incorporate summertime accessories and essentials into your bounce house party theme.

Bounce house party theme

Bounce house rentalsThe first step to a successful bounce house birthday party is to pick a theme for the bounce house. Bright, fun colors are just the beginning. We have bounce houses with all your kid’s favorite movies and cartoon characters to make the party more fun. Once you have your bounce house theme, it’s time to add little details that are both decorative and necessary.

Protection from the sun

Although parents will lather up their kids before the party, you will need to reapply at some point. There is usually going to be one parent that forgets the sunscreen. Be prepared by having cute little baskets filled with sunscreen that can be both practical and decorative, adding to your theme and summertime fun.

Stacks of colorful towels

Rent concessions for kids birthday party

Sno-Kones are a huge hit at birthday parties.

Ask parents to bring their towel if you’re adding water slides to your bounce house. But, it’s still a good idea to have a few extra towels on hand. Get a stack of colorful beach towels and have them placed around the party. Even if no one uses them, the effect will be impressive and add to the decor and summer theme.


When all the kids are covered in sunscreen and wrapped in a fluffy towel, there’s nothing better than a sweet cool Sno-Cone. Add concessions to your summertime kid’s party to complete the theme.

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