Staying Safe on a Wet and Wild Inflatable Water Slide

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It’s time to add water to your summertime fun. Keep it cool with an inflatable water slide at your next party. There’s nothing more exciting than getting wet and wild with your friends, but you have to make sure that everyone stays safe. Safety rules will prolong the fun and create only good memories.

Water slide safety rules

Our inflatable bounce houses are a fun addition to any event. Adding an inflatable water slide to your bounce house will only increase the fun. If you’re hosting a party or event with an inflatable water slide, make sure that parents and children all come prepared. Preparation is the first step to a fun day.water slide safety

Appropriate clothing

It’s vital that kids are wearing clothing that is appropriate for the activity. Wearing bathing suits are going to make the kids more comfortable, and also protect the equipment from damage. Make sure that kids don’t have clothing that can get snagged or caught. Make sure that the bathing suits don’t have anything that can poke or damage the inflatable waterslide, and of course, you want all kids to take off their shoes.

Jewelry and eyeglasses

Kids should take off any jewelry and eyeglasses when they slide. With eyeglasses, parents can secure them with a strap so that they don’t fall off and get damaged, and damage the inflatable at the same time. Jewelry can also snag and get caught, so it’s best to take it off. Make sure you have a safe spot to keep all the valuables.

How to slide

As much fun as it may seem to go head first, or to slide down with a friend, it can also cause significant injuries. One injury will ruin the fun for everyone. Make sure that kids only slide one person at a time, and only slide feet first. Make sure that each kid is clear of the inflatable slide before the next person slides down.

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Feet first and one kid at a time!

No food and drinks

Never allow kids to carry food or drinks on the inflatable water slide or in the bounce house. Food and beverages are a choking hazard and can make it unsafe to slide and bounce. Make sure kids stay out of the inflatables when they go to get a bite and hydrate.

Adult supervision

Although kids should be told about the rules ahead of time, you always need to have an adult supervising the fun and making sure that every kid follows the rules.

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