Security Tips for Bounce Houses

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Keeping Kids Safe in Bounce Houses

Bounce houses, water slides, and trampolines are fun to have at kid’s parties and outdoor events. But they still can cause serious injuries if not used correctly. Before letting your little ones see how high they can jump, follow these safety tips.

Children Under Age 6 Should Never Use Trampolines

The official cutoff age is six years old. That is paramount to keep in mind because many children younger than six do not have the balance to avoid coming down in an awkward position.

Allow Only One Person on the Trampoline at a Time

Allow only one kid at a time for safer fun. Specialists in the industry highly recommend this because, with a trampoline, the weight differential between two children can cause the lighter kid to launch out of control. Or, if you are going to allow several kids jumping at the same time, make sure they are similar age and size.

Preparing for bounce houseSupervise Children at All Times

Ensure jumpers are always under supervision by a parent or someone that the parent trusts. Remember, bounce houses aren’t babysitters!

Leave Sharp Objects Out

Take off eyeglasses, jewelry, shoes, and remove all sharp objects from your pockets before entering the bouncer.

Don’t Attempt Complicated Tricks

Leave flips, somersaults, and other stunts to the gymnasts. You can set this up as a ground-rule before letting the kids into the bounce house or trampoline.

With these simple safety tips, you can make sure that the little ones have great fun inside bounce houses without injuries or accidents.

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