The Safer You Are, The More Fun You’ll Have in a Bounce House

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Have you ever seen a kid ignore a bounce house? No, you haven’t, because bounce houses are something that will never go out of style. Even hormonal teenagers won’t be able to reject the lure of a colorful bounce house. Let’s face it, most adults feel that surge of energy at the sight of a bounce house. In a world that is more and more chaotic and divided, one thing we all can agree on is that bounce houses are always fun. However, when something is so universally loved there needs to be some bounce house rules and regulations to keep everyone safe in a bounce house.

Rules for a bounce house

Make sure everyone understands the rules before bouncing.

Safety rules for a bounce house

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, so take every precaution to keep kids, teens, and adults safe in a bounce house. Make sure that you have plenty of responsible adults that are always supervising. Supervision is key to a successful bounce house event.

Who can bounce

Our bounce houses are fit for all ages, but you may want to set some rules regarding who can bounce together. If there is a large group of people of all ages, a good idea would be to give each age group their own bounce time. It’s not a good idea to mix teenagers with kids.

No roughhousing

A bounce house is a house for bouncing, that’s it. It’s a bounce house, not a rough house, so don’t allow kids, teens, or adults to get too physical with each other. It’s not an inflatable wresting cage. That means that you can’t bounce off the walls like a slingshot, hitting other people in the bounce house.

Keep numbers to a minimum

Every bounce house, depending on the size will have a limit to how many people can bounce at once. Always read the safety rules that accompany each bounce house and make sure that you understand and comply with every rule.

Remove shoes and sharp objects

Safety rules for bounce houses

Keep concessions outside the bounce house.

Everyone should remove their shoes when bouncing in the bounce house. Older kids and adults who are wearing jewelry or carrying keys should leave them outside the bounce house. Find a place that is safe for everyone to drop off their belongings.

No food or drinks

There should be no drinks or food in the bounce house. Kids should also not be chewing gum while bouncing.

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