Renting Bounce Houses and Inflatables For Family Friendly Company Parties

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The best company summer parties are family friendly and outdoors. When you allow your employees’ families to attend, you are signaling to your employees that you respect their life outside of work, creating an environment that encourages a work-life balance. Add some fun activities and games, good food and tasty drinks, and you’ve got yourself the ingredients to an unforgettable summer party.

Rent bounce house

Make your company summer party family friendly with a bounce house and inflatable accessories.

Family friendly fun and games

Good food, good conversation, and a few cocktails are all your employees need to have a good time at a company party, but when you’re inviting families and kids you need a little extra to keep the kids entertained. If you’ve secured a big spacious outdoor area, nothing will keep the kids active and having fun like a bounce house. A bounce house is also a safe and contained activity, which is attractive to parents.

Inflatable fun

Don’t stop at the bounce house. We have inflatable water slides (or just slides) and obstacle courses to heighten the kid-friendly activities. Be prepared for a few adults to take part as well because there’s a kid in all of us, and when we see a bounce house, it’s hard to keep that kid contained.

Inflatable slides

Double the fun at your company summer party with double inflatable slides.

Bounce house safety

Make sure you set some rules and guidelines so that kids and adults aren’t bouncing together, and that you aren’t exceeding the number of people who can jump at once. Safety should always come first. Having supervisors is also recommended. Hiring people to watch the bounce house area will free up the adults to have some grown-up time and conversation, making the party fun for everyone.

Tables and chairs

When your guests aren’t bouncing, they’ll need a place to sit. WeeJump:) has thought of everything. Get all your table and chair needs covered when you rent bounce houses and inflatables for your summer party.

Rent bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses for your company summer party and make it extra special for every employee and their family.

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