Important Things to Know Before Renting a Bounce House

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Things to Consider for a Successful Bounce House Party

Bounce houses are one of the favorite things for kids when it comes to birthday parties or any other outdoor event for little ones. These fantastic inflatable products can be a sure source of joy for small children. Bounce houses are available in many different forms, shapes, and themes. Some have an additional water slide attached; others include trampolines or water slides. Regardless of the type of inflatable castle, you choose, there are a few things to consider to make it an instant success. Here is a list of the most important things you need to consider before renting a bounce house.

Size and Location

Some of the bounce houses offered by Wee Jump can take up a lot of space. Make sure you have an area free of debris, rocks, and any sharp objects that may puncture the inflatable products. Also, you need to have enough room on the ground and above as some units are very tall and must have clearance from power lines and overhanging trees. Plus, if you select to rent a combo of a bounce house with an inflatable water slide, it needs to be close to a water source as well.


theme bounce houses

You always want the best for your kid. Don’t select a company only for the price. Sometimes rental companies that have lower prices are operating without a business license or insurance. You would not want your kids and their friends to use equipment from a company that doesn’t have your little one’s best interest in mind.


Knowing how much money you are willing to spend on a bounce house rental will make it easier to decide which option suits you best. Whether it is a bounce house by itself or a combo, visit the Wee Jump website to learn more about your options.

Rent a Bounce House from the Best

With a bounce house from Wee Jump, kids will have social interaction, get exercise, and have tons of fun. So, wait no more! Rent a bounce house from Wee Jump; we offer many theme bounce houses, waterslides, and much more.

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