Pros and Cons of Renting Bounce Houses for Fall Events

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We’re heading into the fall season, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some outdoor fun at your next event. Birthday parties, work parties, and team building require physical activities, so don’t worry about the temperatures dropping a bit. A bounce house provides any event with the fun to make it memorable and bring people together.

Bounce Houses for Birthday Parties

Kid’s will quickly build up a sweat bouncing on an inflatable castle, or a bounce house featuring their favorite movie or action hero theme. When the adrenaline is going, you will be glad that you got a bounce house and got the kids out of the house for a bit. Just tell the parents to bring a sweater and some warm clothes, and maybe provide some hot adult beverages while the kids bounce and play.

Achieve team building goals with an inflatable obstacle course at your next work event.

Bounce Houses for Work Events

Adults love a colorful bounce house, but inflatable bounce houses can also help you achieve some team building goals. Simply holding hands and bouncing together will be a bonding experience. If you want a little more from your team, add some obstacle courses to the bounce house. It’s good, clean, safe fun for all ages.

Bounce House Safety

There’s one factor in the fall that can pose a challenge for bouncing at your event, and that’s the weather. We take safety very seriously, both when our bouncy castles are in use, and when assessing the safety of the weather and venue. Winds can make it dangerous to bounce, as can heavy rain and snow. The ground has to be secure so that the bounce house can be adequately tied down, and the weather conditions have to be fair so that you don’t endanger your guests, kids, and employees.

Rent bounce houses, and inflatable obstacle courses for your next event.

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