How to Prepare Your Kid for a Birthday Party

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Throwing a kids birthday party is a much more complicated task than you may think. There are many little details you need to consider from the location to the theme and the activities. One area that we often forget about is preparing your child for their birthday party.

Being a good host

Preparing kid for birthdayAlthough it’s not the job of your preschooler to be a good host, it is essential for you to go over a few rules and etiquettes to teach your kid how to act when you have guests. The first lesson your kid will learn is about the etiquette of invitations.

Inviting the whole class

Teaching your child to be inclusive and learning how to bond with many different kids is important. When it comes to the invites for the birthday party, it’s okay only to invite their closest friends. Class sizes are growing, so inviting 20 kids, including some cousins and friends outside of the school, and all of a sudden you have a small festival on your hands.

One important thing is that you don’t exclude just a few kids, and then openly invite the rest of the class. If you are only inviting a small handful of your kids closest friends from school, think about giving the invitations outside of school so that you aren’t going to make some of the other kids feel like they are excluded or unwanted.

Opening presents

It’s fun for kids to get presents and to give presents, but opening the presents in front of your guests may require a bit of finesse. Some kids may bring something that is more exciting than others, and it’s vital that you don’t make anyone feel bad about the present they brought. You can also talk to your child about how to react if they get duplicate presents, or they get something they already have.

Once you have your guest list in place and a theme in mind, talk to WeeJump:) about renting a bounce house or concessions for a great birthday party.

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