Preparing for Your Bounce House to Arrive

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Waiting for your bouncy castle to arrive is almost as exciting for the adults as for the kids. However, you can quickly pass the time by preparing the area where the bouncy castle will be set up. Whether you’re having it set up in your garden, park, or another area, there are a few things that need to be taken care of before the bouncy castle arrives.

Preparing for bounce house

Remove all sharp objects from the area where the bounce house will be set up.

Preparing for your bouncy castle

When you order your bouncy castle, the first thing we’ll need to know if how big of a space you have. We’ve got bouncy castles of all shapes and sizes – mostly castle and house shaped, though! – so we’ve got something for smaller gardens as well as public parks and school athletic fields. In order to set it up correctly and ensure everyone’s safety, well-being, and enjoyment, we will need to have the right area for each size castle. This will all be handled before we arrive, so now you just have to get that specified area ready for the bouncy castle.

Removing sharp objects

Our bounce houses, bouncy castle, bounce dinosaurs, bouncy dogs, bounce tractors, inflatable slides and obstacle courses are sturdy but not indestructible. Why risk busting your bounce house and ruining all the bouncy fun when it only takes a few minutes to clear the ground of sharp obstacles? Send the kids out to clean the area. It’ll give them something to do while they wait and you can concentrate on getting the rest of the party decorations and supplies in order.

Preparing for a bounce house

Make sure the ground is cleared before the bounce house arrives.

Items to remove from bounce house area:

  • Big, sharp, jagged rocks
  • Toys
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Anything hard and sharp

Personalized shoe rack

Just like the bounce house shouldn’t be set up on top of sharp objects, you’ll also want the kids to take their shoes off before bouncing. Not because we think that shoes will damage the bounce house, but because kids will fall and kick their feet about in pure bouncy joy and you don’t want other kids to get hurt in the process. A fun added preparation for your bounce house could be to set up a personalized shoe rack for the kids that are coming. Make signs and stick them in the ground so that each kid doesn’t lose track of their shoes. And, it will add to the ambiance of your birthday party or special event.

Wee Jump:) has bounce houses and bouncy castles in all shapes and sizes. We make sure that the bounce house is installed correctly, ensuring everyone’s safety. Make your birthday party or event a smashing success with a bounce house.

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