Planning Entertainment for a City Festival or Event

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Every city plans events throughout the year to bring the community together, and to allow local businesses and vendors to market their goods. The bigger the spectacle, the more people will show up. A well-rounded, successful event will feature three things: good food, good drink, and plenty of entertainment for both kids and adults.

Planning a city event

The first thing you need is to invite plenty of local vendors to prepare giveaways, food, drinks, and products to attract a crowd. Invite local artists and craftspeople to display their work. For local vendors, city events are a fantastic marketing and promotional opportunity, but only if people show up.

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Highlight local favorites

The more you can feature your city and what it has to offer, the more attractive it will be for people to attend. City events are a chance to show off the best of the city. It’s a way to celebrate your city and the people who live there, but also show tourists why your city is the best. City events that highlight local favorites is a great way to bring everyone together and show city pride.

Entertainment for city events

Booths with food, drink, and locally produced products are just part of the attraction. You also need to keep the crowd entertained. Invite local bands, dance, and theater groups to perform. Be sure to include entertainment for both kids and adults. Market the event to families, by having activities for kids, while the adults are tasting local treats and brews.

Bounce house for a city festival

There are surefire favorites when it comes to entertaining kids at a city festival. Bounce houses and face painting will be a hit every time. A bounce house is also going to be an attractive visual aid to draw in a crowd. Seeing a bounce house surrounded by booths and live music is almost too irresistible to ignore.

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