The secret to every successful party or special event is entertainment. You need to keep your guests busy while having lots of fun. This isn’t an easy task at all, but with the help of the party house rental experts in {location}, your party will start on time, and your guests will have a blast and a memorable time.

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Avoid party house rental bumpy accidents

A party house rental is a success in birthday parties and basically, any kind of event or celebration. Kids love the party house rental, they can spend hours jumping and bouncing, creating and playing games, boosting their confidence as they interact with other kids, building new relationships, at the same time they exercise their balance, strength, flexibility and body control. party house rental is also very popular between parents, as they get some time off to relax and share with other grown-ups.

Even though party house rental is designed under strict safety regulations, having a bunch of kids jumping all over, requires rules and supervision. Otherwise, you won’t be able to prevent and avoid bumpy accidents that could spoil the party. At WeeJump, we are concerned with our customer’s safety. Therefore, today we would like to share some party house rental safety tips to keep your party rocking all day long.

party house rental safety regulations

  • A responsible adult must attend and supervise the party house rental at all times.
  • Top line party house rental comes with a safety plaque that attendants must read and understand, as well as the operational information.
  • Attendants must be alert and pay attention to users all time.
  • Always have a clear vision of riders.
  • Never exceed maximum weight, height or number of riders according to the party house rental safety specifications.
  • No sharp objects allowed inside the party house rental, such as keys, shoes, bracelets.
  • No one is allowed under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Use socks to avoid skin burn.
  • No food, gum, drinks or pets inside the party house rental.
  • Keep riders from playing near the entrance or exit. 

After more than a decade working in the party house rental industry, creating amazing and fun parties, at WeeJump, we have learned how to reach customers of all ages in order to provide the most amazing and fun party house rental experience for any special occasion.

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