The secret to every successful party or special event is entertainment. You need to keep your guests busy while having lots of fun. This isn’t an easy task at all, but with the help of the jump castle experts in Wheatridge, your party will start on time, and your guests will have a blast and a memorable time.

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Avoid deflating your party jump castle  

Every day is more common to find a jump castle installed at birthday parties and special events. They provide amazing fun for children of all ages, becoming extremely popular in Wheatridge parties. The benefits of a jump castle are endless, from long hours of nonstop entertainment to health benefits for kids, encouraging them to perform physical activity in these days when video games, tablets, and smartphones tend to monopolize their interest and attention.

In order to make the most of your jump castle it is important to consider certain details. Even when a jump castle is easy to install, missing vital steps could end up deflating your party along with the jump castle.

jump castle set up tips


  • A jump castle uses a motor blower and has at least one inflation tube, which needs to be securely fastened.
  • If the jump castle loses pressure, check the tubes attached to the blower.
  • Sometimes leaves and debris can block the air suction, causing under-inflation.
  • Sharp objects or shoes can damage the jump castle deflating it.
  • Not selecting the correct ground to set up or the correct incline allowed, could affect the jump castle pressure.

Low power

  • The jump castle motor blower needs power. Therefore, you will need an electrical outlet able to hold 7-15 Amps and 115 Volt power, near the setup location. Another option is a generator, at least 4.000 Watt rate.
  • Avoid using extension cords longer than 100 feet. Otherwise, the jump castle might lose power and pressure.
  • Avoid using other appliances on the same electrical outlet.
  • Check that no one has accidentally taken the electrical cord out.

A professional jump castle company will provide expert technicians to take care of the jump castle installation and operating it efficiently, while you and your guests have a fun and amazing time to be remembered. For more information check the WeeJump webpage or feel free to contact us, at any time.

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