Let Kids Have a Blast with an Inflatable Waterslide

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Inflatable Water Slide Safety Tips for Parents

An inflatable waterslide can make any kids party or event a success. You will want to keep it that way by following safety guidelines. So here some recommendations.

  • Make sure to tell your guests and kids to dress in comfortable attire suitable for water use with no sharp objects that can puncture the inflatable water slide and ruin all the fun.
  • Keep an eye on kids whenever they are using the waterslide.
  • If in doubt, always adhere to the operator instructions.
  • Remove any shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, or sharp objects before kids enter.
  • No drinks, gum, food, sprays, or pets allowed inside the unit.
  • Also, no rough play, flipping, chasing, tumbling, or wrestling allowed.
  • Make sure only one rider slides at a time.
  • When sliding, be seated with feet in front of you.

If the inflatable slide or the bounce house begins to deflate, or the weather conditions get bad, stop playing, remain calm, and carefully exit the inflatable water slide.Rent an Inflatable Water Slide in Colorado

These attractive, colorful, exciting, and giant slides are trendy and an unmatchable addition to any birthday parties or outdoor events. With adherence to these simple rules, not only will it be a fantastic time for everyone, it will be a safe one as well.

Rent an Inflatable Water Slide in Colorado

Inflatable slidesAt Wee Jump, safety is our priority. So, not only do we rent quality inflatable products, but we like to keep our customers informed, so their kids stay safe while having a blast.

Our bounce houses with a waterslide are one of the most popular of our products. Besides our traditional items, we offer tables, chairs, concessions like popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow-cone machines, and much more. Call us at 720 400-5508 to start the fun today!

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