How To Choose Your Bounce House Provider

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Bouncehouses are a great way to add some fun and entertainment to parties. They are ideal for children’s birthdays, giving all guests a fun outdoor activity to explore together. You can play games like freeze bounce, bounce pair races, bounce him over, etc. However, it is essential to make sure the bounce house is safe for use, which means you need to find the right provider. Here are some tips on how to get reliable and clean inflatables for your party: 


Bounce house surfaces can get pretty dirty. Children tend to spill things, drag mud over the inflatable, and even lick or spit on it. Most bounce house service providers follow a strict cleaning and sanitizing process that involves:

  • Renting a bounce house

    A great bounce house provider should be able to prevent and avoid any issues or unsafe elements.

    Removing all of the air from the house.

  • Spreading it out on the ground before carrying out a thorough inspection.
  • Removing all debris like dirt, leaves, stickers, etc.
  • Checking the crevasses to ensure there is no debris hidden in them.
  • Washing with a specially formulated cleaner that removes all dirt without harming the bounce house.
  • Sanitizing the house to ensure there are no lingering germs.

Look for bounce house provider with a good cleanness and safety record. Get in touch with their past clients, read online reviews, and ask the provider about their sanitization routine before hiring them. The house should be wet cleaned at least once every five uses.

It is also a good idea for parents to check if they have clean inflatables before allowing children to use it. A simple visual inspection is sufficient and will tell you whether the bounce house is safe for you. 

Safe Inflatables 

Bounce houses are engaging and can keep kids entertained for hours, but they need to be tough enough to handle excitable children. Check what kind of safety standards the bounce house provider offers before renting the product from them.

A credible business will ensure they have safe inflatables by conducting a thorough inspection regularly. They will look for tears or any vulnerability that can compromise the structural integrity of the product. Providers need to follow a strict maintenance regimen to ensure the inflatable is always in good condition. They will replace a damaged bounce house if they notice it is unsafe for use.

Speak with the service provider about their safety procedures before renting the bounce house. Parents should also follow the provider’s usage guidelines for maximum safety.

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