How to Choose a Bounce House for Your Next Party or Event?

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You know you want a bouncy castle at your next party, now comes the hard part: what type of bounce house do you want? There are so many styles and themes to choose from. Let’s see if we can’t help you narrow down your selection. We promise, choosing a bounce house is the hard part, but once you’ve chosen, it’s non-stop fun for the entire party.

Choosing a bounce house

Choosing the right bounce house

We have a large selection of bounce houses and bounce castles, plus several add-ons if you want to really ramp up the fun. Choosing a bounce house depends on a few things: the type of event, location/size, and guest list.

Type of event

Before choosing a bounce house we need to know if there is a theme associated with your party. Is this going to be adults, kids and adults, or kids only? Bounce houses come in a variety of themes, as well as colors and shapes. To find the right bouncy castle for your event, we’ll need to know if we’re catering to young children, teenagers, adults, or all of the above. Next, we can talk about princesses, superheroes, and sports to come up with the right artwork to match your theme.

Hot weather events

If you know it’s going to be hot, we can add water slides and other water features to keep it fun and cool. Of course, this will require a location that is big enough to set up the bounce house with a water slide attachment.


There are bounce houses for indoor and outdoor areas. As long as the location is big enough, your choices are almost unlimited. Each bounce house will have specific dimensions and space-requirements that need to be factored into your decision. The size needs to fit the location that you have, but the size will also depend on your guest list.

Surface area

Choosing the right bounce houseBounce houses can be set up on nearly every type of surface. We just need to know from the beginning so we can get you the appropriate bounce house for the surface. The only surface that isn’t good for a bouncy castle or bounce house is on a rocky or gravely surface. No matter what surface you have, you need to make sure it is clear of any sharp objects that can damage the bouncy castle.

Guest list

The number of guests will determine the size of your bounce house. The average age of your guest will also determine what types of add-ons that you should consider. Our larger slides and obstacle courses are great for older kids, whereas the younger children will need a smaller and more manageable bounce house to avoid injuries.

At Wee:)Jump we provide bounce house rental service in the surrounding Denver area and Boulder area, see list. We are uniformed professionals, punctual, clean, insured, and lots of fun.

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