History of the Inflatable Bounce House

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Bounce houses are loved by all. But, where did they come from? The bounce house, as we know it, had gone through several phases before we got the cartoon themes bounce-houses and inflatable structures that we see today. Here are a little background and history on the invention of the bounce house.

Bounce House Invention

Entertaining kids at weddingAn electrical engineer named John Scurlock invented the bounce house. In 1959, Scurlock was working for the government, and experimenting with inflatable covers. As he was working, his sons were playing in the background. It was his sons that saw the inflatable covers and figured out how much fun it was to bounce and rebound on the structure. A lightbulb went off, and Scurlock quickly started expanding the use of inflatables to include inflatable domes, tents, and even signs. Before he got to the fun stuff, Scurlock used his skills to invent the inflatable safety air cushion. It is used by fire departments to catch people jumping from burning buildings.

First Bounce House

Although inflatables had many great uses in society, the most important use of inflatables was to put joy into the hearts of children. First, Scurlock and his wife opened up a “spacewalk,” in a large warehouse in New Orleans. Fifteen years later, in 1966, they started the first inflatable rental company, and the rest is history. Inflatable bounce structures quickly became popular at birthday parties, company parties, picnics, and special events.

Keeping it Cool

The first walls on the bounce houses were solid structures. However, the solid construction quickly turned the castle into a sweat lodge. To keep the bounce house cool, but still safe, the walls went from solid to netting, allowing for better airflow.

Bounce House Safety

The first bounce houses were not so much a house as they were large inflatable “space pillows” that kids could bounce on. It wasn’t until much later that we started adding walls for safety. Although the walls served an important purpose, they quickly turned the “space pillow” into a bounce house. From there, it was just about using our imagination to turn the inflatables into cooler looking structures like houses, castles, tractors, and animals.

We’ve come a long way from space pillows: Rent bounce houses and other inflatable fun structures for your next birthday party and event.

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