Great Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at a Birthday Party

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The key to a successful kids birthday party is good, clean, and organized fun. The more you can prepare for a group of kids hopped up on sugar, the smoother the party will go. Besides preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for a house full of kids, you also need to prepare a lot of entertainment.

Preparing for the kids

Activities for kids birthday partyYour heart is probably beating a little faster at the thought of having to control a group of active kids, but with a little foresight and organization, you can keep the kids engaged and entertained for hours until their parents pick them up again. Find activities that are fun and simple that will make it easier for you to oversee. It’s also a good plan to have a variety of entertainment because kids get bored quickly.  Another pro-tip for a successful kids birthday party? Keep it outside!

How much entertainment should you plan to have?

Set a time for the birthday party. Three hours is the perfect time for a birthday party. It’s long enough for the kids to play, eat cake, open presents, and play some more before they head home tired and full. All you have to do is plan enough entertainment and activities that will fill out the hours that you’ve set aside for the party.

Face painting

Face painting is a classic kids birthday party activity, and just about anyone can do it, even if you’re not “artistic.” Older siblings can help out with painting the kids’ faces. Find easy to follow drawings on the internet, like butterflies, stars, and rainbows that anyone can pull off. You also don’t want the art to be too sophisticated, because kids aren’t going to sit still for that long. Keep it simple.

Active games

Birthday party activitiesDon’t be afraid of the good old classic Simon Says, or Red Rover. Good clean fun that the kids will enjoy, everyone can play and will add a physical component that is both healthy and time tested trick to wear out the kids so that the parent can have a quiet evening after the party. Win-win.

Contained entertainment

Avoid games that will send the kids in all directions. Playing catch can quickly get out of hand, and kids will start to run beyond the boundaries of the party. Find physical games and entertainment that will keep the kids contained. Bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses can keep your kids entertained and physically active for hours.

Having a variety of planned entertainment and games at your kids birthday party will take the pressure off of having to keep an eye on a bunch of kids.

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