Great Parties Are More Than Just Food And Cake!

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Everyone loves to host parties. You can spend time with friends, enjoy great food, and celebrate a special occasion with several loved ones. However, a party is more than just food and cake. People will eventually grow bored if you don’t provide some entertainment options like bounce house alternatives to keep everyone engaged.

Great Bounce Games

Bounce games are an excellent choice for parties with children and even a few young adults. These games are entertaining, exciting, and unusual as the bounce installations aren’t available everywhere. Here’s a look at some of the best bounce games you can indulge in during parties:

  • Rent an Inflatable Water Slide in Colorado

    The boost the fun at your party with cool and amazing bounce games.

    Freeze Bounce – This is a fun game that leads to a lot of giggles. Players must bounce in the house while music in on and stop jumping once it stops. They must try to remain standing on their feet as the bounce house settles around them.

  • Bounce Pair Races – This game is like a relay race, but it happens in a bounce house. Two or more pairs of players much compete by bouncing across the bounce house and switching places with their partners. The team that reaches the finishing point first wins.
  • Bounce Him Over – Place one child in a comfortable position and have other children sit around them. The kids in the circle must bounce until they successfully move the kid in the middle.

These are just some of the many bounce house games you can organize. It is an excellent idea to incorporate at least three or four different games during the party to ensure children aren’t bored.

Popular Rentals

There are several party entertainment rentals available today.  Select age-appropriate ones, so everyone enjoys themselves thoroughly. Hosts can consult with other parents for advice. Some of the most popular machines and rentals include:

  • Popcorn machine rental
  • Washers
  • Bocce Ball
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Table Tennis

Children love to gather around the popcorn machine rental and watch the process. While this machine isn’t a game, it is considered highly entertaining and will keep your guests engaged.

Contact a reputable company to find good entertainment options for your party. Most will offer recommendations based on your guests and the nature of the party and you can determine which ones you prefer. You can set up a wide range of entertainment options like bounce house alternatives to make the event livelier.

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