Choosing the Right Bounce House for Your Party

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A bounce house is going to brighten any event or party. No matter the occasion, no one can resist a bounce house. Since there is such high demand for bounce houses, there are multiple types of them to choose from. Here are the factors that you need to consider when selecting a bounce house for your party.

Themed bounce houses

Host a Fortnite themed party complete with a Fortnite themed bounce house.

Factors for choosing a bounce house

Multiple factors play into determining a bounce house. There are logistical factors and stylistic factors. Size, location, and theme are the three main factors that will help you find the right bounce house for your party.


The location is going to be the first factor that you consider. Is the bounce house going to be indoor or outdoor? If it’s going to be outdoors, make sure you understand the safety precautions of having an outdoor bounce house. Too much wind or wet conditions can cause a bounce house to be unsafe. For parties in the winter, make sure you have an entertainment contingency plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Of course, an outdoor location often gives you more room to work with.

Size of the location

Choosing the right bounce house

An outdoor location may give you more space to work with for a bigger bounce house.

The size of the location is the second factor to consider. An indoor space may ensure that you can bounce in any weather, but there can be space limitations with an indoor location. Having an outdoor place will often give you more space to work with so that you can get a bigger bounce house. Depending on the guest list, a bigger bounce house may be more suitable and may require an outdoor location.


Once you have the location secured and determined the size of the bounce house, it’s time to match the theme of your party. Our bounce houses and castles come in just about any theme, from favorite movies and pop culture to party themes, and festival themes. Find the bounce house theme that is right for your party.

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