Bounce Houses Add Big Fun With Little Effort to Every Birthday Party

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Every kids birthday party has to be better than the last. Parents are in constant competition with themselves to take each kids birthday party to a new level. The more extravagant the party, the longer the to-do list, and the bigger the budget. Having a bounce house is a surefire way to make this birthday party better than the last, and if you do it right, it will require minimal effort on your part.

Big fun, little effort

You can buy a bounce house, but then you’ll be responsible for everything. Renting a bounce house means you get to enjoy all the fun and take all the credit, without any of the responsibility. At WeeJump:), we deliver, set-up, and pick-up high-quality inflatable bounce houses, castles, obstacle courses, and slides so you get to have all the enjoyment with very little additional work on your part.

Bounce house theme: Frozen

Choose your kid’s favorite movie characters and themes and rent a bounce house.

What you need to provide

All you have to give us is a clear, level space to set up the bounce house with access to electricity so we can blow up the bounce house. If there isn’t electricity available, it’s up to you to provide a generator.

If we are delivering to a park or public area, make sure that you have gotten any permits needed to set-up a bounce house.

What we will provide

We will deliver, set-up, and pick-up on time. We will provide the blower, and we promise that all our bounce houses are clean and safe. We are always updating our products to ensure the highest quality and the best experience. If you are within the Denver Metro Area the delivery is free!

Outdoor Kids Party Ideas

Make sure you have enough space and access to electricity.

Themed bounce houses

As if bouncing in a bounce house wasn’t enough, our bounce houses can match any birthday theme. We have all your kids favorite movies, superhero, video game, sport, and cartoon character themed bounce houses. If you have space, we have the right bounce house to take your birthday party to a whole new level.

Rent a bounce house to add a ton of fun without a ton of extra work at your kids next birthday party.

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