Bounce Houses Are the Latest Trend at Corporate Parties

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It’s time to bring back some fun to corporate parties and events. Bouncy castles are for people of all ages. In fact, bounce houses are the latest trend at corporate parties. Besides being fun for all ages, there are many other benefits of renting a bounce house for your next corporate summer party.

Adults love bouncy castles

Rent bounce house

Celebrate your inner child with a bounce house at your next corporate summer party.

Don’t lie, the last time you were at a kids party watching them bounce with joy in a colorful inflatable bounce house you were just a wee:) bit jealous. Secretly, you were wishing that this was you, your inner child screaming to be let out for just 10 minutes of bouncy fun. You’re not alone, so don’t fight it, embrace it! All across the globe, adults are openly engaging in childhood fun and games.

Let loose

The obvious reason for renting bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses is to let loose and have fun. A corporate summer party is about coming together, shaking off deadlines and investor meetings and connecting with your coworkers in an active and healthy way.

Reduce stress

Exercise and fitness are key to reducing stress. Bouncing is a great form of exercise disguised as play. An afternoon of bouncing in a colorful castle, running through an obstacle course, and sliding down a water slide is just what you and your team need to reduce stress.

Team building

Latest trend for corporate parties

Bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses are fun for the whole family.

Of course, since you’re adults, you know that fun is never just fun. When you’re having fun, why not take advantage and add some team building elements? Upgrade your bouncy castle to an inflatable obstacle course. It’s still just as fun, but you’ve increased the benefits of your bounce house. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to fire up your team and bring people together.

Family fun

We’re on a never-ending quest to balance work and family. Bouncy castles are fun for the whole family. Make your corporate party family friendly and help your coworkers improve their work-life balance by including their family.

At Wee:)Jump, we provide bounce house rental services in the surrounding Denver and Boulder areas. We are uniformed professionals, punctual, clean, insured, and lots of fun. Wee:) offers a variety of bounce house themes and concessions. All of our Wee:)Jump rental bounce house units meet the latest standards for safety in design and operation.

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