Benefits of Bouncing

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It’s not often you find something as fun as a bounce house, that also has real health benefits to both you and your kids. Although bounce houses are typically thought of as a kids activity, adults are bringing out the child within and taking a turn for themselves. Not only is it good for your soul to find some of that childhood joy, but bouncing is an excellent form of exercise, and has been for decades.

Bouncing for athletes

If you feel like you have consumed one too many sweets at the latest birthday or summer party, then head to the bounce house to bounce away some of those calories. Bouncing has been a sport for a long time. We don’t think of exercise as something that comes in a big, soft, bright, bouncy inflatable castle. However, the bounce house is a happier, more fun version of a trampoline, which has roots back to ancient China, Persia, and Egypt.Birthday party tips

Bouncing in space

Bouncing is even prevalent when it comes to training astronauts to get used to zero-gravity environments. Bouncing (or trampolining) is also used as a training exercise for many athletes. Whether you’re a gymnast, diver, or skier, the skills you get from bouncing can reach far and wide. Despite being a training tool for many sports and disciplines, trampolining didn’t become an official sport in the US until 1967.

Bouncing for fun

One of the many benefits of bouncing is that bouncing is a gentle form of exercise. The pressure of bouncing is evenly distributed, making it easier on your joints and body. Bouncing is also an excellent form of cardio. And it’s FUN!

Our bounce houses aren’t going to send you into space, but they will provide an incredibly fun time of bouncing and playing for all ages.

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