Birthday Party Activities for Outdoor Parties

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Renting a bounce house takes care of decorations and entertainment for your kid’s party. Now that it’s starting to get a little cooler outside, you also want to think about activities that will keep the kids warm. Every parent knows that having an outdoor party solves a lot of problems, and having a bounce house can keep the outdoor parties going throughout the season.

Outdoor kids’ parties

Having a party full of hyperactive kids all hopped up on sugar inside the house is never fun. Taking the party outside where the kids can run around and spill things is going to make the party more enjoyable for everyone. Parents can relax because they aren’t worried about the house and the furniture, and the kids have more space and license to be loud and active. Win-win.

32-foot inflatable obstacle course.

Keeping the kids warm

With outdoor parties, you have to consider the weather. Make sure kids have dressed appropriately and arranged for fun and games that will keep everyone moving, active, and warm. The problem with physical activities is that the parents will have to participate. WeeJump:) has a solution to keep the kids engaged, while the parents relax – bounce houses, and inflatable obstacle courses!

Inflatable fun

When you rent an inflatable bounce house and obstacle course, you won’t need any other decor. The bounce house will speak for itself, and it’s saying “funnest party ever!” Add to the fun of a bounce house by including an inflatable obstacle course. Kids can run, jump, and play in the safety of an inflatable structure. The bounce house and obstacle course will also keep the kids in a centralized location so that the parents can observe and chaperone the fun without having to run around the entire park to keep kids in check.

45-foot bounce house and inflatable obstacle course combo.

Inflatable obstacle courses

We have a 32-foot inflatable obstacle course, and a 45-foot inflatable obstacle course and bounce house combo.

All you need is the space, a clean flat surface, and access to electricity, and WeeJump:) will take care of the rest.

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